Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (SMP)

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Wi-Fi has extended its reach tp customers across all segments with extensible offerings and latest business models. This unprecedented data consumption growth has achieved proven results demonstrating a strong ability to deliver uninterrupted connectivity and seamless experience, anywhere and anytime.

Wi-Fi SMP is a future-ready platform comprising of authentication (EAP SIM/AKA & non-EAPSIM), billing, captive portal, location-aware services, subscriber analytics, mobile app and integration with Mobile core. The solution is highly interoperable and supports innovative business models along with multiple off-the-shelf, use cases.

Sterlite Tech AC is integrated with service management platform solution, which makes it a comprehensive solution to cater varied networks like Wired, Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Sterlite Tech AC is a highly flexible and scalable solution which can be deployed centrally or locally based on the network topology to support single or multiple sites. Sterlite Tech AC is a truly end-to-end access control solution.

The biggest highlights of the offering is its interoperability with the highest number of well-established players in equipment vendor solutions, access controllers and access points supporting standards-based interfaces, a factor that has greatly helped maximize its operator reach in SE-Asia, Middle-East and India. Apart from sizeable presence among service providers, It has completed 2400+ Wi-Fi deployments in over 30 countries across hotels, hotspots, airports and other public Wi-Fi locations.

  • Seamless access and authentication
  • Support for EAP SIM, EAP AKA, TLS, TTLS, FAST, MD5 and PEAP
  • MAC-ID based, login credentials via Mobile App and Captive Portal
  • Advanced authentication - GSM MAP D'/Gr' interface
  • AAA proxy support in Wi-Fi roaming
  • Support for utilizing cable as backhaul & CMTS integration over [DOCSIS 3.0], an 802.11n air interface
  • Device agnostic real time location specific offerings
  • Mobile app based personalized & customized services
  • Dynamic & flexible charging models
  • Prepaid/Post paid billing
  • Network agnostic charging
  • Hybrid plan based charging
  • Pay as you go
  • Walk-in/non operator subscriber
  • Cloud ready Wi-Fi platform
  • 95% CapEx Savings
  • 21X faster performance
  • Reduced implementation & set up time from 9 weeks to 3 days
  • Hosted model in multi-tenant deployment mode
  • Available as XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service)
  • Cloud ready platform
  • WISPr support for Wi-Fi roaming
  • International roaming with iPass, Boingo etc.
  • Partner/content settlement with WISPs/other CSPs
  • 30+Tier-1 Service provider Wi-Fi case references and 2500 deployments for ISP & hotspots worldwide
  • Comprehensive product portfolio – flexible, modular & preintegrated platform to enable quick launch of customizable services to market
  • 3GPP Wi-Fi access supporting Seamless integration with existing IT & mobile core – Converged platform is scalable & extensible for future technologies
  • Support for next generation offerings: 3GPP AAA support, Intelligent offload with Hotspot 2.0 support & ANDSF client server model, Connect client mobile app for all OS platforms, Wi-Fi roaming, Location based offerings & and more
  • Sterlite Tech enables rich digital advertisement support with capabilities to offer profile & location specific personalized Advertisement display
  • Real time, Unique and dynamic policy control with enhanced policy enforcement & charging capabilities for Wi-Fi
  • Integrated access controller with SMP, designed & developed to facilitate up to 1,000,000 concurrent sessions & 3000 concurrent users
  • Highest no. of integrations and proven interoperability with Tier 1 multi vendors' equipment and Wi-Fi partner ecosystems worldwide
  • Rich experience in BSS & OSS enables easy understanding for operator business requirements and helps providing customized solution
  • Flexible delivery and pricing model, Strong professional services and support for faster implementation
Wi-Fi service management platform (Wi-Fi SMP) architecture