Next generation wi-fi calling with VoWi-Fi + VoLTE
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As an access enabling technology, Wi-Fi is already gaining ground in many areas and ‘voice calling’ through Wi-Fi is another area where Wi-Fi holds great potential to entice positive disruption in the telecom space.

With our pre-integrated and modular platform, along with the largest vendor interoperability, Sterlite SMP is capable to support the Wi-Fi calling business segment to the MNOs. We offers a comprehensive service management platform (SMP) for Wi-Fi that enables MNOs to drive a converged solution for Wi-Fi calling. The platform includes converged 3GPP AAA for data and voice services, EAP-SIM/AKA, Non SIM devices authentication, Pre-integrated sigtran stack supporting MAP gateway allows integration with mobile network elements such as the HLR. It also includes Policy control and charging that helps in policy based information fetching and decision making to derive better QoS for the operator. Its Pre-integration enables faster implementation and roll out of services as well as easily cater to varied policy application between IMS and Wi-Fi. With the MNO widely accepting Wi-Fi calling as one of the new revenue generating source, there are few implementation and trials going around with operators worldwide.

  • Secured EAP SIM/AKA authentication over 3GPP enabled SWm via 3GPP AAA
  • HD Voice quality & text services with better indoor coverage
  • Seamless interworking & voice mobility support between legacy (3G/4G) and Wi-Fi networks
  • Device agnostic support – EAP SIM/AKA, non SIM devices
  • Customized policy decisions and supports different charging models
  • Next generation Wi-Fi calling with VoWi-Fi + VoLTE
  • End-to-end connection between device & ePDG via secured IP sec tunnel
  • Cost effective with less roaming charges
  • Supports regulatory standards
  • Proven Interoperability with leading access gateways, IMS core, HLR, HSS and 3rd party applications

Operator Benefits

  • Increase access to voice services: Wi-Fi is an economical solution which helps in increasing the access to voice services coverage along with data services with same charging model
  • Reduced churn and increased customer acquisition as it provides a better indoor coverage as compared to the cellular base stations
  • Better Customer Experience: Enables to compete with OTT players like Skype and Viber and deliver a unique customer experience even in roaming
  • Infrastructure Cost Savings: One core network for Wi-Fi Calling and IMS-based VoLTE Hence with fewer base stations for same voice coverage, the operators can reduce their infrastructure costs
  • New Revenue Opportunities: With minimized roaming charges, Wi-Fi calling becomes a preferred option for frequent travelers and tourists. This in turn creates potential revenue opportunities for the operators
  • Potential line of business can be a great business model for small cell providers, CSPs, Cable MSOs

Subscriber Benefits

  • Anytime Anywhere voice services: Ease of availability of voice and text services over Wi-Fi network anytime anywhere
  • Hassle free user experience & productivity: It can be integrated with the phone dialer or any downloaded dialer on the smartphone. Thus assures a hassle free user experience with a single and uniform voice dialer
  • Better indoor coverage: With Wi-Fi calling the subscribers can enjoy a better coverage indoors, HD quality calls, quick call setup and in the areas with challenging cellular network for voice services, pass over landlines
  • Seamless call transfer support between Wi-Fi and LTE (using VoLTE) and specific support is embedded directly into the dialer of latest smart devices. This offers users a truly seamless handoff from cellular to Wi-Fi calls
  • Optimized call predicability: With Wi-Fi access, the charges for a call from anywhere across the globe would remain similar (with operator’s existing policy) to that of the home mobile network with a seamless transfer without any interruption in service, better cost savings
VoWi-Fi significantly reduces costs for operators and generates revenue.
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