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Wi-Fi Service management Platform (SMP)

Key Features
Business Models
Monetization Framework

Worldwide, mobile data traffic is expected to grow at 11.2 exabyte per month, a 13–fold increase over 2012. This comes in the wake of operators witnessing huge demand for Wi-Fi, the most popular access network in mobile broadband. Today, Wi-Fi has extended its reach for customers across all segments with extensible offerings and latest business models. This unprecedented data consumption growth has achieved proven results that showcase how Wi-Fi manages to take hold of people’s day to day activities, be it at the workplace, hospitality, education, entertainment, recreation etc. demonstrating a strong ability to deliver uninterrupted connectivity and seamless experience, anywhere and anytime.


Elitecore Wi-Fi Service Management Platform(SMP)


Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP enables service providers to meet the emerging demand of mobile data offload through Wi-Fi to alleviate existing challenges in network congestion. It’s a future-ready platform comprising of authentication (EAP SIM/AKA & non-EAPSIM), billing, captive portal, location-aware services, subscriber analytics, mobile app and integration with Mobile core. The solution is highly interoperable and supports innovative business models along with multiple off-the-shelf, use cases. Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP has been built around a flexible framework to support carrier-grade ecosystem and enables operators to tap new revenue opportunities with rapid and cost effective deployments.

Wi-Fi Service Management Platform Architecture
Wi-Fi Service Management Platform
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Elite Access Controller (AC) for Wi-Fi


Elitecore Access Controller (AC) has been designed and developed to support the wireless network platform and facilitate wireless access services. Elite AC is integrated with Elitecore Service Management Platform solution, which makes it a comprehensive solution to cater varied networks like Wired, Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Elite AC is highly flexible and scalable solution which can be deployed centrally or locally based on the network topology to support single or multiple sites.

Elite AC is a truly end-to-end access control solution offering various features like inbuilt DHCP-DNS, user session monitoring, captive portal capabilities, various protocol request logs, policy management and enforcements, multiple gateway load balancing, bandwidth prioritization and AAA proxy support with Elitecore SMP.

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Creating Value For Customers & Partners


The biggest highlights of the offering is its interoperability with the highest number of well-established players in equipment vendor solutions, access controllers and access points supporting standards-based interfaces, a factor that has greatly helped Elitecore maximize its operator reach in SE-Asia, Middle-East and India. Apart from sizeable presence among service providers, Elitecore has completed 2400+ Wi-Fi deployments in over 30 countries across hotels, hotspots, airports and other public Wi-Fi locations.


Vendor Interoperability

Carrier grade ecosystem-Interoperability established
IN /Billing/SDP Vendors
  Huawei IN, Comverse IN, Oracle BRM, Oracle SDP, Telcordia IN, Kenan Billing, Wipro, NSN, ZTE, Ericsson
Access Controllers
  Ruckus, HP Colubris, Cisco WLC, BelAir, Aruba, Motorola, Alcatel- Lucent Altai
Access Points
  Ruckus, BelAir, Aruba, HP Colubris, Cisco WLC, Alcatel-Lucent Altai

NSN, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE

SMS Gateway

Value First, TeleDNA (via HTTP), IBM (via SMPP), AirGate

Access Gateway

Cisco TTG, Cisco IPSG, Cisco ISG(ASR1K), Ericsson WAG, Alcatel- Lucent WAG


Support for Mobile Data Offload


Mobile Data Offload through Wi-Fi is becoming the most preferred solution for alleviating clogged networks. As soon as any mobile subscriber enters the Wi-Fi Zone, the operator offloads to Wi-Fi network thus, providing seamless connectivity and enhanced user experience.

Elitecore Wi-Fi offering provides quantifiable business value to any operator who wants to adopt Wi-Fi for mobile data offload to deal with any/all of these challenges:

  • Declining voice revenues and increasing need to monetize data services
  • Enabling network optimization with local and packet core break out support
  • The need to alleviate network congestion and reduce connected costs by offloading mobile data traffic from 3G-LTE to Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of access network, or device
  • Retaining high value subscribers by offering them the desired Quality of Service across multiple personal devices.

Different Ways of Authentication

  • Enabled for Mobile devices
  • EAP SIM and EAP AKA-based
  • Enabled for Non-SIM Devices
  • Captive portal, EAP TLS, EAP
    TTLS-based authentication
  • One time password (OTP)
    based authentication
  • OTP fed manually for
    verifying credentials.

Monetize Next Generation Carrier Wi-Fi Offerings:


Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP enables operators to tap new revenue opportunities with rapid and cost effective deployments through next generation offerings such as Intelligent offload for Intelligent selection and decision making between heterogeneous networks as to when to offload users onto Wi-Fi with smooth handover and what policies to implement. It provides automatic access and seamless mobility with Enhanced Easy Connect Mobile App, Hotspot 2.0 and ANDSF support to dynamically discover optimal non-3GPP access networks and enforce the user policies. Wi-Fi SMP with ANDSF facilitates policy-on-device solutions for selecting the best network based on cost, performance and other policy-driven features for proper bandwidth utilization.

Evolved 3GPP AAA extends supports for LTE - Wi-Fi interworking withWx interfacerequired for HSS authentication, SWa interface for EAP authentication with HSS. It is capable to support SWm – for additional Authentication parameters based on subscriber profile, authorization information update, ePDG initiated session termination and S2b interface support towards PGW over GTP or PMIPv6 tunnelling. It also provides support for S6b interface between 3GPP evolved AAA and P-GW for tunnelling authentication thus enabling carrier grade network performance.

Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP provides Location based offerings as well as also enables rich digital advertisement support with capabilities to offer profile & location specific personalized Advertisement display. It also offers an innovative Wi-Fi monetization Framework comprising Smart Connectivity, Location Based Services, Subscriber Analytics and Revenue Generator to launch innovative business cases ensuring faster time-to-market and better TCO.


Wi-Fi Calling


Elitecore Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (SMP) facilitates next generation Wi-Fi calling with its enhanced 3GPP AAA capabilities of authenticating the user through secured IPSec tunnelling via 3GPP enabled SWm interface and enforcing relevant policies meant for Wi-Fi Calling. The next-generation Wi-Fi Calling requires native IMS support with VoLTE/VoWiFi. The platform also supports innovative features for Wi-Fi calling including seamless roaming services and other business cases.

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Support for Hotspot 2.0, Passpoint and ANDSF (Access Network Delivery Selection Function)


Elitecore Wi-Fi Service Management Platform is ready to support Hotspot 2.0 which is PasspointTM certified , an approach introduced by Wi-Fi Alliance for public access Wi-Fi to provide secure and ANDSF function (Access Network Delivery Selection Function) of Wi-Fi from a list of Wi-Fi networks available for the client devices. It enables EAP-SIM/EAP AKA SIM-based authentication or TLS/TTLS clients (authentication as secure and seamless as 3G/4G) along with Wi-Fi roaming capabilities. Hotspot 2.0 complies with 3GPP standard, which provides better bandwidth and seamless experience to alleviate mobile carrier traffic overheads.

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