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Elite Access Controller (AC) for Wi-Fi

Elite Access Controller (AC), offered as a standalone as well as an integral part of comprehensive Service Management Platform (SMP) is an industry compliant robust solution scaling up to thousands of concurrent sessions and available in multiple models to cater to differential requirements of customers. Elite AC is highly demanded in public access venues like hotels, hotspots, malls, enterprises, educational institutes and airports.

Key Features
 AAA Support
RADIUS Proxy Support
Supports 802.1x (MD-5, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-SIM, etc.)
Seamless Roaming Support via Elitecore SMP
Facilitates Payment and SMS Gateway Support
Facilitates Credit Card Payments and OTP Services
Facilitates Re-Authentication
Facilitates international roaming via iPass/Boingo
Integrated with Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS)
Supports Multi-AAA Inter-working
Supports Fair Usage Policy and CoA
Supports MAC/Cookie Based Re-login
Supports Zero Configuration and Login Once
Smart-client Support
802.1x Proxy Support
Supports WISPr and Hotspot 2.0
External Captive Portal
CoA Support for QoS Authorization
CoA Support for Login/Logout Actions
HTTP Based Login/Logout Support
  Policy Enforcement
Default Policy and Radius Policy Override
QoS Based on Time of Day
Different QoS Based on DSCP
Pool Based QoS Restriction
Global/Account Based QoS Sharing
QoS (Fair Usage Policy) Based on Quota Usage
IP Pool Management
Radius Policy Based Source NATTING Support
One to One Private Public NATTING Support
Many to One Public NATTING Support
Quota Management
Radius Policy Based Volume and/or Session Time Management
Reauthorization Support
 System Monitoring & Management
Mac Based Leasing(Login Once)
Mac Prefix Based Leasing Criteria
VCI Based Leasing Criteria
Option 82
Easy Connect with Mobile App
DHCP Relay Support
On Lease Access Request
Support IPv4 and IPv6 Range
DNS Redirection
NX Domain Handling
Web Filtering Based on Defined Domains
Custom Domains
DNS Forwarders
Multiple Gateway Support
Weight Based Round Robin Load Balancing and Failover Support
Source Based Static Route Support
Zero Configurations
Static IP Support
Browser based proxy support
ARP Proxy
VLAN Interfaces can be created based on VLAN Tag
AP Monitoring
Monitoring of devices through ICMP ping
Allow SNMP requests
System Health and Throughput Related attributes
Proactive Reporting
Proactive Reports for Admin Activities
Browser, SSH and API Based Administration
Web based Diagnostic Tools
 Security Management
Network Security
DoS and DDoS Protection
Blacklists & Whitelists
Session Rate Limit
VPN Pass through
 Legal Intercept
Websurfing Reports
DoS and DDoS Protection
Blacklists & Whitelists
Session Rate Limit
VPN Pass through
 High Availability
Offers High Availability Active-Passive Mode
Supports Auto-Synchronization
Detect Failure and Redirect Traffic to Secondary Server
Avoids Data Loss and Downtime
Key Benefits:

Elite Access Controller for Wi-Fi/Wireless network systems provides an end-to-end solution that helps with:

Maximizing Subscriber Base

Scrutinize authenticated traffic

Provide support for varied network platform

Ease in operations with Local and centralized management

Multi vendor and platform based support with reliable and scalable appliance based solution

Support Hotel Property Management System (PMS)

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