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Core Network Session Control
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NetVertex PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function)

Use Cases
A Service Aware Intelligent Policy Manager

Elitecore NetVertex 6.6 is a 3GPP 11 compliant next-generation PCRF designed to meet the evolving CSP requirements of service agility, data monetization and process optimization that today serve as a key differentiator for the operators to enhance their customer experience. NetVertex 6.6 is aligned to policy 3.0 going beyond the legacy approach to a relationship centric monetization, it supports advance use cases including service wise FUP, quota sharing/differential quota between multiple access-network/devices, shared wallet, VoLTE, top-up plans, multi-tenancy for wireless/wireline or Wi-Fi networks enabling new service channels for the operator.

NetVertex easily works in a converged environment of multi-protocols and multi-network with highest number of integrations and proven interoperability with the top 3 tier 1 multi vendors' for GGSN, DPI and P-GW along with partner ecosystems worldwide. It offers GUI based, flexible architecture with much simpler policy creations, high scalability with DDF functionality allowing subscriber split across multiple SPRs and is deployable on any COTS hardware – Virtualized, on-cloud or in-premise.

Why NetVertex PCRF?

A dynamic, intuitive and having real time capability, NetVertex PCRF enables operators reduce subscriber churn, the cost associated with non business data traffic and harness to increase effectiveness through monitoring subscriber usage pattern, network contention, manage bandwidth and enabling usage based charging.

Based on a common framework

NetVertex PCRF is based on Elitecore CSM platform, A Single indigenously developed Radius and Diameter stack.  It easily can accommodate multiple technological advances like 2G,3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi etc. over its convergent framework with highest number of integrations & proven interoperability with the Top 3 Tier 1 multi vendors’ for GGSN, DPI & P-GW along with partner ecosystems worldwide. Based on a common diameter frame, ensures enhancements in diameter interface can be reflected in all products no need for separate development for PCRF, thus reduces complexity and time to market for new technologies and service roll outs when operators expands services.

Integrated Policy and charging

Integrated Policy and Charging via standard based Sy with a centralized product catalogue, single SPR and mobile self care enables operators to easily roll out new offers to market and monetize from them.

Operators can also opt for NetVertex Pre-integrated Carrier Grade DPI solution along with PCRF it is Based on standard PCC architecture, Tight Integration with NetVertex PCRF over standard Gx interface enables dynamic decision making and offers real time network intelligence.

IMS and VoLTE Services

NetVertex PCRF offers separate configuration module to manage IMS related packages enabling operators quickly roll out new next generation services such as VoLTE without interrupting exiting services. Operators can configure a variety of services they want to deliver as a part of an IMS subscription.


NetVertex has enhanced support for multi-tenancy. Operators can define multiple groups and roles in the NetVertex platform and assign group and roles relationship with staff.

Enhanced Audit Support

Micro level CR tracking: Audit report is very crucial for any setup. The new enhanced audit support will allow operator to track each and every change any configuration. Operator/Admin staff will be able to see what has been changed clearly.

Smart Monetization and Personalization

It also offers NetVertex Policy Analytics an intelligent platform for operators to monitor and analyze usage patterns, revenue patterns, traffic patterns, network performance, subscriber preferences etc through dashboard based reporting.

Cloud and Virtualization ready

NetVertex PCRF is now virtualization ready and available on Cloud as SPI (SaaS, PaaS, Iaas) model for CSP on a Pay as you go.  The Pretested and Preconfigured NetVertex Policy Control Solution comes bundled with integrated NetVertex Policy analytics and on board EMS system.

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Integrated Policy & Charging
Single Source of Usage Metering, Charging (OCS)
Real-time Recharge & Activation
EPC – SID & TM Forum Compliance
Sy Interface support at PCRF and OCS
Reduction in Time to Market – Service Catalog Integration with OCS
Quota Management Cable/Fixedline
SINGLE VENDOR Interface Pre- Integrated AAA+PCRF
Broadband Experience
Tier 1 Case Studies
Integrated PCRF & DPI
Software based DPI+ PCRF (virtualization Ready)
Price Performance Leadership
Multi-criteria traffic management based on Application, User, time and network criteria.
Content filtering/blocking
Smart routing & Congestion control
Tethering control
WI-FI Offload
Native support for Radius
Manage QoS and Quota management for Wi-Fi Offload over standard Radius CoA
PCRF Replacement
Carrier Grade Scalability and Stability
Integrated Policy Analytics for Subscriber Session/Usage intelligence
Smart overload protection module, protects against diameter overload.
Reduction in Time to Market – Service Catalog Integration with OCS.
Low TCO due High TPS/Core
Increases monetization opportunity for operator with multiple plan association feature.
Support for complex applications plans such as Facebook plan in short time.
Supports complete migration in just 8 weeks
NetVertex PCRF Technical Overview

NetVertex PCRF makes policy enforcement decisions in real time based on the services, applications, network resources, subscriber profile and service level agreement to ensure QoS and bandwidth allocation.

NetVertex Product Architecture
Click to enlarge image

NetVertex Policy Manager comes bundled with many modules like

Network Agnostic Carrier Grade Policy Manager

The soaring data usage with multiple devices has created an intense urge amongst the end users to access data as and when possible. This requires operators to manage their data offerings across all networks through a converged policy solution. NetVertex PCRF offers a centralized policy manager to suffice the highly demanded data access across networks


NetVertex PCRF offers a centralized policy manager to suffice the highly demanded data access across networks as well as monetize from the same.

  • Enrich user experience by enabling operators to launch network specific as well as network centric policies and offer a   customized plan as per subscriber demand
  • Real time traffic prioritization for managing network congestion
  • Increase customer loyalty with efficient policy management which offers Network centric as well as customized QoS    and Quota provisioning
  • Centralized policy enables faster time to market across networks
Scalability & flexibility  
  • Configure N number of policy rules
  • Supports 2000 TPS / server* (4 core CPU, 16 GB RAM)
  • 1 million subscribers # / machine ** (# 20% concurrency)
Standard Compliance  
  • 3GPP Release 11
  • IPv6 support
  • ETSI TISPAN (RACS) WiMAX PCC (1.3 & 1.5) standard
Multiple Adaptors support  
  • DIAMETER based Gx, Gxa, Gxb, Gxc, Rx, Sp, Sd, S9, Sy
  • RADIUS for 802.1X networks
  • Proprietary interfaces
Pre integrated with multiple components  
  • IT elements (Billing, Charging, BI systems,
    Analytics etc.)
  • Packet core elements (AAA, HSS, SPR, DSC,
    LDAP etc.)
Vendor Interoperability
BRAS Huawei, Huawei MES, Loriel, 24Online, Redback, Cisco, Ericsson
GGSN/PDSN Cisco PDSN, Cisco ASR 5K (P-GW), Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung
DPI Cisco CSG2, Cisco SCE, Ellacoya, Sandvine, Procera
ASN Huawei, Starent, Cisco, Wichorus, Airspan, Alcatel-Lucent, Avianet, Aricent
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