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Location independent IP-Phone connectivity
  Neox IP-PBX solution provides secure, reliable PBX functionality including an extension dialing program, call transfer, three-way calling, call forwarding, voice mail, and global follow-me. Since all user extensions are linked via an IP connection, the extensions can be set up in virtually any location enabling telecommuters and frequent travelers with broadband Internet access to be part of the same network as office- based co-workers. Remote employees can use the company's IP-PBX network and their own extensions wherever they roam globally.
Intuitive Controls for Enterprise Managers and Individuals
  Enterprise employees can use global follow-me to schedule call forwarding to other advanced SIP extensions, to mobile phones, or to voice mail to ensure access to inbound calls at all times. Voice Mail messages can be retrieved through a web interface or sent to the individual's email address. Individual users can employ speed dialing, access the enterprise phone directory and even track the actual cost of calls in real-time. An auto-attendant feature ensures that all inbound calls are answered and routed properly.
Provides the functionality of PBX and telephony Gateway in one box
  Neox IP-PBX provides both PBX and telephony Gateway functionalities in one box set-up, enabling enterprises to reduce cost and improve manageability.
Unified Communication Ready Solution
  The solution provides integrated Voicemail, Fax, Email Notification and Instant Messaging features. Voicemails and Faxes can be merged with email by getting them delivered to the email inbox. Instant Messaging allows real-time, direct, text-based communication between two or more users.
Cost-saving LCR functionality and flexible rating feature support
  Least Cost Routing feature causes the IP-PBX to always use the call route with the lowest cost rating within a priority level. IP-PBX Rating feature allows the enterprises to provide flexible rating & charging with features like base rate, drop-off rates, based on time of day, special day rates, etc.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Server
  Interactive Voice Response Platform has been provided with this IP-PBX solution, which detects touch tones. This IVR system can respond with a pre-recorded audio to enable automatic call answering.
Call Recording
  Call recording allows enterprises to record all or specific calls. Calls can be recorded either passively or on-demand. Using Web Management feature, administrators can configure and playback the recorded files. This way it ensures high level of customer satisfaction and improved employee productivity while also meeting legal requirements, if any.
Conference Bridge (With Video Conferencing)
  Facilitates enterprise users with a valuable conferencing service with no extra cost. A built-in conference bridge component allows assigning an incoming DID as a shared conference bridge upon request. Users can effortlessly host multiple callers on a dial-in bridge from their comfort. The option of video conferencing enhances business communication and helps significantly reduce travel expenses.
  Adequate security readiness with RADIUS authent icat ion, Account and Password management with multiple privilege levels, Encrypted access and secure interface (SSL, SSH, HTTPS), SIP trunk authentication and -Basic Firewall with content filtering
Web-Management Console for system monitoring&subscriber provisioning, etc.
  Neox IP-PBX facilitates effortless configuration and maintenance through its web-based interface. A powerful but user friendly interface, facilitating a secure user authentication and authorization, allows customers to self provision services as per the individual requirement.
  This IP-PBX solution supports PMS Interface and hence can integrate with leading PMS vendors. The solution enables the small enterprises to cater the convergent billing requirements of hotel industry. It also endows them with other features like wake up call, charging customers based on check-in and check-out time.
Reliable Linux Operating System
  Neox IP-PBX solution runs on a reliable Linux operating system, which increases security, provides ease of administration to linux-savvy administrators and reduces the solution cost.
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  The solution has the intelligence to enable distribution of incoming calls to specific group of terminals as used by the agents, thus assuring the enterprises that no customer calls are dropped. It also enables the enterprise to advertise their offerings to the customer, using some pre- defined IVR.
  The system supports private networking over SIP or PRI trunks, QSIG Networking and SIP trunking to low-cost PSTN
  Scalable to 2000 concurrent ports, in a single box; Neox IP-PBX enables you to grow at your own pace with a flexible solution customized to your specific needs.
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