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Multi-Play Service Management Platform (SMP)

The cable industry has seen a spectacular evolution in the last few decades. The continuously booming range of TV channels, array of new television sets, platforms, Introduction of OTT Services and Broadband, Digitization etc. are inducing new opportunities for cable operators to become multiplay service providers and creating a better customer experience.

Elitecore Multi-Play Service Management Platform is a pre-integrated solution that enables MSOs and their value chain model (Distributors, Retailers, Local Cable Operators - LCOs) to drive multi-service business ranging from Cable to Broadband to Wi-Fi on single stack with optimized operating costs and support for innovative offerings and customer experience.

Adopt Multi-Services Platform

Launch phase-wise Data, PayTV & VoIP on the same platform<
Elitecore Multiplay Service Management Platform is a modular solution that can be used by CSPs for broadband services and the same platform with few additional modules can be extended to support Pay TV and/or VoIP services

Interoperable, robust & scalable platform
A powerful real-time carrier grade platform that can handle the billing of prepaid/postpaid and/or Retail/Enterprise subscribers and is neutral to any network access. Its horizontal architecture is built to scale to million users easily and support delivery across various multiple devices and applications. The platform supports complex integration with core network elements and easily deployable in multi-vendor ecosystem through open standards implementation

Centralized product catalogue for multiple lines of business
A comprehensive solution offers an integrated product catalog, policy control and charging systems that enables MSO quickly roll-out range of Customer centric ala-carte or Channel bouquet services, launch policy based plans such as zone wise bundled packages, subscription based charging, multi-tier FUP & quota based plans, turbo boost, time of day, shared plans, social media packages, add-on plans, bandwidth on demand offers etc.

360° subscriber view
Elitecore Multiplay SMP enables operators to have 360o Subscriber View that includes customer account history, plan information, usage information, billing information, payment information, customer summary etc. These information leads to more informed business decisions by faster, accurate and accessible view of business metrics.

Rapid creation of new services & business models

Service Bundles
Elitecore Multiplay SMP enables operators to offer bundled plans of various services that becomes an additional source for the operators as well as it is beneficial for the subscribers who can buy multiple services from a single operator.

Reports & Analytics
Elitecore Multiplay Service Management Platform comes along with various off-the-shelf business intelligence reports that help operators to know which are their highest selling offers, channels, most visited URLs, peak hours for data consumption etc.

Zone/Partner/Reseller/MSO wise offerings
The platform comes with integrated product catalog, policy control and charging systems that enables the operators to offer offers based on zones, partner, resellers, MSO etc.

Multi room/second screen (Device based)
Elitecore Muliplay SMP enables the operator to offer multi room charging/second screen charging. This helps the end subscribers to add multiple connections in their billing account with a reduced price.

Promotions & campaign management
Elitecore Multiplay SMP facilitates the Cable MSO to configure and manage complex promotions and discount models like free days, free validity extension, cross package discounts, multi-subscription discounts, attribute based discounts for multiple services.

Partner Management

Efficient Revenue Sharing and Partner management
Cable MSO have to manage different partners like broadcasters, content, OTT, providers, distributors, retailers, LCOs etc which is taken care by integrated partner management module which supports contract management, SOA (Statement of Account) with multiple commissioning cycles, revenue sharing capabilities, payout management, partner charge management, STB/CPE charge management, Kitty/Credit Limit management etc.

LCO kitty management
Kitty/Credit Limit management is used by various LCOs under an MSO to set credit limits. This helps the MSOs to mitigate greater exposure to risk

Supports Multi-tenant, JV/LCO value chain model
Elitecore Multiplay SMP is supports multi-tenancy feature that enables MSOs to have a JV/LCO based value chain model. With such features, the tenants can offer and create their own plans that ultimately benefit the MSOs.

Mobile App & Web Portal for partners and resellers
Elitecore Multiplay SMP comes

Customer Experience Management

User friendly web & mobile self-care app
Mobile Self care app and web portals for customers and MSO partners to manage their accounts and usage. This helps the operator to enhance customer experience as well reduce their cost of customer care. The mobile app and web portals for partners help in increasing operational efficiency.

Real time view of usage and balance through self care app
Elitecore’s Multiplay Service Management Platform provides customer web self care and mobile self care app which can be used by end customers to manage their profile, view balance, view subscribed packages, subscribe add-on, subscribe ala-carte offers, subscribe for on demand plans, share balance etc.

IVR capabilities
Elitecore Multiplay SMP comes along with IVR capabilities which can be configured with different voice self care options. Based on option selected by customer, IVR will take next steps. The IVR is pre-integrated with Elitecore’s Multiplay Service Management Platform and which provides customer details to customer service representatives when the call lands on their system.

Single pre-integrated Convergent platform for Cable/Pay TV Eco System
Elitecore Multiplay SMP is true network convergent platform supporting all networks like HFC, COAX, FTTH etc. It achieves true service convergence by supporting various services like Cable TV (Analog & Digital), IPTV, Broadband, OTT Services etc. The convergence is across all key data entities such as Customer, Account, Service, Product etc.

Increased Revenue with New Opportunities
It is highly flexible solution that accommodates the operator to launch new convergent offers and attractive promotions within one business day. This helps the operator to keep up with the competition and achieve higher ARPU.

Content Flexibility and personalized customer service
Centralized product catalog enables offering various new packages, tariff plans, VAS, localized content, discounts, targeted advertising & promotions etc. based on subscriber profile. It also enables integration with N number of content provider in the ecosystem.

Rapid deployment and enhancement with reduced TCO
With Elitecore Multiplay SMP modular architecture based on J2EE platform, operators can easily and quickly launch various product plans and future services on the same platform ensuring faster time to market. Elitecore’s Multiplay Service Management Platfrom has Open, expandable APIs that make the platform an easy to distribute and readily upgradable solution that reduces the total cost of ownership and ensures higher return on investment.

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