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Machine to Machine (M2M)

Machine-to-machine communication enables great revenue opportunities for service providers and offers added value to a broad range of domains such as health, automotive, consumer electronics through remote monitoring and control using automated exchange of data, even in real-time. Most of MNOs or MVNO/Es are expanding their investment in M2M oriented business models and offering packaged M2M services and the support, management and settlement of them.

Elitecore offers Carrier grade pre-integrated Crestel M2M platform consisting of Billing & Revenue Management, Integrated Policy and Charging, Inventory management and Device Authentication (EliteAAA) catering to number of M2M services over next-generation networks like Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G/LTE, IMS etc. This enables service provider of an end-to-end control, real-time charging and revenue assured M2M business. The full-fledged solution also provides a unified view of prepaid–postpaid subscribers with single bill for multiple M2M service plans to a new MVNO/E, or an existing MNO looking for revamping its existing system. Elitecore offers industry standard compliant solution enabling operators to monetize M2M as well as IoT services through a single platform, helping the operators to ease out complex business processes.

  • Single Platform for fragmented M2M ecosystem consisting of numerous services/devices of different types, plenty of vendors and huge data transaction.
  • Standard 3GPP compliant Solution offering guaranteed quality of service through smart monetization of M2M transactions
  • Ensuring secure traffic via proper Device Authentication based on multiple parameters to block unauthorized access, prevent revenue leakage and real time credit control through AAA
  • Scalable
    • To manage huge M2M traffic with flexibility to filter premium data traffic from low value and high volume M2M traffic
    • To support various innovative & complex business models serving large number of M2M verticals with micro segmented pricing strategies customised for each customer segment and enabling these models at low transactional cost with maximized profitability
  • Flexible Platform allowing vast subscription management, multi network access, offering accounting flexibility and provisioning of multiple devices on accounts or multinational accounts with clearly defining complex ownership of devices.
  • Account level user control to manage usage thresholds as per device or account, self-care interface to trouble shoot or monitor each connection within an account.
  • Managing complete value chain or partner management with Real-time Settlement and commissioning for complex partner & Multi party value chains.
  • Systematic and well defined SIM lifecycle management and robust inventory capabilities provides flexibility to manage SIM/Device and allocate them to the end users or service or application, even in bulk ensuring enhanced service experience
  • 3GPP compliant access network agnostic core components – AAA, PCRF and OCS capable of handling huge data traffic due to multiple devices and connections in M2M
  • Real time policy control and management through NetVertex PCRF
  • Feature rich Product Catalog with variety of tariff and offers including flat rate plans or usage based plan. Moreover GUI based product catalog ensures quick time to market supporting re-usability of majority of components

A Carrier-grade pre-integrated M2M stack
A Single platform enabling quicker delivery of wide variety M2M services including various discounts options, promotional schemes and value added plans in multiple markets while supporting complex hierarchy of device ownership with ease

Robust and Scalable Platform
The Platform provides the required high levels of automation and scale for this fragmented market to deal with roaming flexibility, reaching into new verticals, complex partner settlement, prevents revenue leakage and device based differential rating and charging capabilities

High volume, low cost communications
Full flexibility with growing data traffic, platform allows unlimited policy and charging rules to create micro segmented strategies enabling real time control and customer quota/ bandwidth management to guarantee revenue assurance with lower cost of operations.

Rapid Access to M2M services
Flexible provisioning framework and centralized product catalog allows provisioning of device, service and subscriber information in a real time and in organized manner. Also, standard open interfaces for integration with external/legacy system enable faster service creation and customer acquisition.

Secured M2M Traffic
Proper device authorization, credit control and fraud detection through effective AAA functionality with multi session repository support to track all sessions across all networks and all service points so that policy decisions can be performed on correlated subscriber activities.

Real-time service management
User-friendly web self care portals for M2M partners or subscribers to manage their services, accounts, pay bills, recharge and subscribe online with real time, graphical monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Future-proof Solution for complex M2M business models
Fully customizable and modular architecture provides greater flexibility in regard to support co-existing models with open APIs ensuring extremely short and cost-effective transitions from one model to another and capability to accommodate future M2M services easily.

Ease in Integration
Standard based off the shelf APIs helping in easy integration with existing and/or 3rd party system while supporting for IPV6 addressing system and 3GPP standard interfaces like Diameter, Radius along with Http SOAP interface for integration over web API.

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