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EliteDSC (Diameter Signaling Controller) Overview


The sheer scale of mobile broadband uptake and the rapid proliferation of smart devices is breathtaking which has led to increase in mobile data traffic at an enormous rate driving many mobile operators to transform their 3G to 4G networks with new services such as tiered charging, shared wallet, Fair access Policies and more. This is achieved by introducing various diameter based network elements such as Policy and Charging Rules Functions (PCRFs), Home Subscriber Servers (HSSs), Mobility Management Entities (MMEs), Online Charging Systems (OCSs), and many more into the LTE / EPC and IMS architecture. With the increase in traffic the number of diameter elements and signaling traffic will correspondingly increase leading to a signaling mesh in the network.

Diameter signaling control infrastructure that addresses the growth and expected congestion in signaling traffic through efficient routing of signaling information will play a vital role in the management of 3G, IMS & LTE networks and policy deployments for connecting, translating and interoperating diameter elements.

EliteDSC (Diameter signaling controller) is an intelligent signaling framework that streamlines and routes all Diameter-based IP signaling communication within the LTE and IMS networks. It is compliant to IETF RFC 3588, RFC 6733, 3GPP Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) and GSMA Diameter Edge agent (DEA) guidelines and enables simplify complex mesh and improve network performance, secure network topology and management through:

  • Centralized Routing & efficiently managing the network traffic
  • Interworking with legacy elements to ensure smooth interworking- peer to peer communication.
  • Perform appropriate load balancing for desired load distribution and congestion control.
  • Ensures intelligent message handling that allows flexible and accurate routing.
  • Provide proxy, relay and redirect agent functions
   What EliteDSC Offers

EliteDSC - the “all-in-one-platform” consists of all diameter agent functions for routing, traffic management, redundancy and service implementation for 3G, LTE and IMS networks.

  • Core Router with a DRA (Diameter Relay Agent) for Congestion control and Failover Management with Guaranteed accuracy.
  • DPA (Diameter Proxy Agent) Modifies messages to enable policy enforcement, resource usage control, admission and provisioning functions. It serves as a control point that enforces subscriber roaming policies on different messages and realms.
  • DTA (Diameter Translation Agent) Translation between standard parameters and non standard parameters. It converts a message from one Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) protocol to another.
  • DRA (Diameter Redirect Agent) serves as a centralized configuration repository for other Diameter nodes and redirect agent does not alter any AVPs and does not originate messages. Capable of handling any message type, although they may be configured only to redirect messages of certain types, while acting as relay or proxy agents for other types.
   Technical Overview of EliteDSC
  • Fully compliant to IETF RFC 3588, RFC 6733, 3GPP Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) and GSMA Diameter Edge agent (DEA) guidelines with Diameter Relay, Proxy, translation and Redirect agent.
  • Centralized rule based Routing
  • Supports load balancing tasks such as weighted round robin, message handling and failover mechanisms.
  • Ensures security by network topology hiding and Diameter fuzzing protection mechanisms.
  • Supports roaming connections and protection of the signaling network from unexpected network traffic.
  • Ensures advanced message handling that allows flexible and accurate message routing, based on any message using configurable AVP’s with modifications. It facilitates fully customizable dictionaries in order to add, modify or delete new Attribute-Value Pairs (AVP’s), applications and command code.
  • Supports all existing Diameter interfaces (50+) and seamlessly supports adding new diameter nodes.
  • Supports Multiple Protocols for routing, load balancing and transformation
    • Diameter, RADIUS, HTTP, LDAP, GTP’, Web Services (SOAP/XML).
  • Supports Transport Protocol security such as TCP,UDP, TLS, IPSec, GTP’ and IPv4/ IPv6 interworking.
  • Highly scalable solution with linear, high availability and service reliability via Active-Active and Active-Passive deployment across all server platforms, meeting a wide range of capacity, performance and functional requirements.
  • Supports Technology Standard KPIs such as Diameter credit control based protocol and EliteAAA proprietary MIB that delivers network visibility for immediate identification and root cause analysis of network problems and capacity planning.
  • Peer State Machine (Capabilities exchange, Connect peer, Disconnect peer, in operation, overloading)
  • A user-friendly GUI-based configuration that enables service providers to configure, manage and monitor the processes. It reduces time and costs to operate, troubleshoot the system with associated policies for managing and scaling the network.
  • It facilitates to increase in network flexibility and performance thereby ensures high scalability and faster deployment time for new network nodes.
   EliteDSC Benefits
  • GUI based Centralized Maintenance and Management for all diameter agents
  • Radius & Diameter support from a Single GUI
  • Simplifies provisioning for New Diameter network elements
  • High Availability and Redundancy upto five nines availability
  • Flexible and Scalable Solution to support 10K messages per second deployed
  • Support for Complex scripting for ease in interoperability
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