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Digital Commerce and customer Platform (DCCM)

By far, CSPs are way behind than other industry players in terms of embracing the ongoing digital revolution. Slowly and steadily telcos are coming out of their shell and have started to invest in digital transformation. World over, CSPs have acknowledged the multifold benefits of digitization with customer experience improvement and revenue maximization being at the heart of it.

Elitecore Digital Commerce and Customer Management Platform (Elitecore DCCM) aims to make each interaction and every engagement digital for the CSPs, its customers and its partners. It is tailored specifically for communication service providers (CSPs) with complete selling, marketing, monetization, revenue management, billing and self-care capabilities, with customer at the heart of the offering, enabling them to monetize their services via every touch point, channel and device.

Key Features

B2C Commerce

Designed to address the complexities in deploying a fully omni-channel strategy for online, mobile and in-store functionalities. The platform includes pre-developed telco starter store, faceted search, intuitive GUI, autonomous layout options, multi-tenancy support and also offers the customers the support for easy comparison of plans and phone features.

B2B Commerce

Elitecore B2B commerce is a single platform for CSPs partners/ resllers with complete digital care, order management, order placing, B2B Product Catalog to create combined offers/packages using their core products with partner offerings, B2B Credit Management, B2B Commerce Search & B2B Store Web Content Management. It offers pre-configured B2B channels, in-store application and B2B2C store front for partner customers, the platform enables the CSPs to carry out all the B2B partner related tasks with higher efficiency and ease. It enables CSPs to deal with multiple B2B partner such as OTT partners, M2M/IoT partners, value chain partners, MVNOs, App Store partners etc.

Digital Customer Lifecycle management

Elitecore DCCM enables CSP manage their complete customer lifecycle digitally such as discovery of plans, service selection, customer onboarding, ekYC, payments and real time service usage management, & customer care. With Elitecore DCCM CSP can transform the service experience for their Subscribers.

Contextual Offers

A lot of times we know what the customer prefer by analysing their order history, browsing history etc. We also have predictive modelling, but the most important thing is what the customer doing in context to real time. Real time context is what makes the difference. Elitecore DCCM platform enables CSPs to increase their revenues by customising their offers based on the real time context. The contextual offers are based on the various rules and triggers and are presented to the end customers via different channels.


Elitecore Digital RCM platform offers digital on-boarding of the subscribers via fully secure and paperless e-KYC support. It offers a simple and easy digital verification process for various documents such as Aadhaar Card, Passport and PAN cards.

Advanced Personalization

Elitecore DCCM comes with Advanced Personalization Module that enables CSPs to target their customers to increase conversion rates. CSPs can define targeting rules to present products, offers, categories, etc. to customers to stimulate additional spending. In addition, it also enables CSPs to guide customers to specific sections of the website. CSPs can also define customer segments based on their behaviour. This knowledge can be used to adjust the product mix and develop effective marketing campaigns.

Telco Store Front

Elitecore DCCM comes with pre-developed Telco Store Front with off the shelf and support for multiple sites, brands, catalogues, currencies, languages, local conditions etc.

Build My plan

Elitecore DCCM platform enables the CSPs to offer its end user the freedom to create their own plans. The subscriber can create their own base plans and also add add-ons as per his requirements entirely via intuitive Telco store front.

Digital Care

Elitecore DCCM offers various self-care solutions for a seamless digital experience. The platform offers customer self-care app, B2B and B2C self-care apps, barcode integration, online payment support, customizable SDK tool kit and social media login.

Customer Service Management

With customer service management module, CSP’s customer service agents(CSAs) gets easier and faster access to information necessary to resolve customer queries. Customer service management module enables the CSAs to automate new orders, modify previously placed orders, take payments, cancel orders, authorize returns, refund payments etc. It is integrated with customer support tools such as: customer ticketing system, assisted service module, omni channel care, single sign-on, customer chat etc.

Product Management & Bundling

Elitecore DCCM offers centralized product management for managing complex product package information. It also consists of product catalog management which consolidates product information and manages multiple catalogs to provide consistent content across all touchpoints. Elitecore also supports product content management that includes: product relationships, finely-grained attributes, product versions etc. It also supports managing dynamic media content of the products such as videos, images etc.

Omni Channel Order Management & tracking

Elitecore DCCM has in-built order management capabilities to support central management of orders for both B2B and B2C requirements. It offers single view of inventory, inventory management, configurable sourcing and allocation, automated order workflows, commerce infrastructure system integration etc.

Reporting & Analytics

Elitecore DCCM comes with pre-configured report widgets to graphically display statistics and trends derived from data. Also the CSPs can create customized reports to analyse performance and marketing RoI.

IVR & Contact Centre

In-built IVR capabilities which can be configured with different voice self-care options. It also provides customer details to CSAs when the call lands on their system.

Pre-Integrated with Elitecore Real-Time Billing, Charging & Policy Control

Pre-integrated with digital commerce platform, Elitecore Real-Time Billing, Charging & Policy Control enables next generation data, voice and video services over wire line and wireless networks and helps the CSP to achieve rapid digital services roll-outs.

Omni Channel Commerce

The platform offers omni commerce module enable the end customer to access the CSPs services via any touchpoints with a consistent user experience. With next generation APIs the CSPs can add new touch points and channels without lengthy and costly IT cycles.

Benefit to Customers

  • Digital Onboarding
  • Personalized Services
  • Buy accessories and devices
  • Self care
  • Gifting
  • Digital Content
  • Digital Payments
  • Support Channel Hopping

Benefits to CSPs

  • Sell more devices, plans and services
  • Improve customer ARPU
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Single View of Inventory
  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Cross Channel Fulfilment
  • Digital Asset Management

Elitecore Digital Suite Key Capabilities

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Digital Commerce and Customer Management Platform
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