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Core Network Session Control
Netvertex for Converged Networks
Policy Manager can seamlessly work in a convergent network, capable of handling voice, video, and data communications with proper QoS. NetVertex Policy Manager enables the service provider to deliver converged services over diverse networks. It offers the multi-network and multi-access platform that helps service providers to manage control and personalize the complete network from a single interface.
NetVertex Policy Management solution gives the service provider flexibility of offering services based on pre defined enforceable policies. Various types of policies can be framed based on QoS, Application, Quota, Content.
Converged Networks Use Cases
Multi-Access broadband plan - Subscriber has the option to select multi access broadband plans, thus enabling the subscriber to seamlessly use services across diverse networks.
Differential charging based on access network - The Intelligent policy management solution enables the service provider to employ differential charging as per the access network. This will help in controlling congestion across networks
Triple Play – NetVertex Policy Management Solution enables service providers to control the QoS of Voice, Video and Data services delivered to the end user, thereby ensuring delivery of triple play services like IPTV, Video-on-Demand, and VoIP over converged networks.
Quality of Service (QoS) – NetVertex is highly capable of managing service and application wise QoS by defining different priority to different applications, users, or data flows in data flow.
Fair Usage – Subscriber wise Fair Access Policies can be created, which defines a threshold amount of usage, beyond which the bandwidth will be downgraded to avoid possible revenue leakage.
Security Policy Management Security policies related to firewalls, content filtering can be configured. For example, the service policy could include parental controls, time of day policies, intelligent congestion management, peer-to-peer control or blocking, and session or service steering.
Core Network Session Control
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