Pre-Integrated LTE Stack

Transforming Legacy Platforms to Agile Platforms
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The telecommunications industry is in rapid transition and business convergence has become a reality now. As converged networks come into play, service providers now need to transform their existing or legacy systems. There is a need for a paradigm shift that helps create new services and service concepts in days and weeks, instead of months or years. The challenge is to become agile, and incorporate the ability to quickly and effectively respond to the changes, while still making use of the same platform.

Elitecore offers a standardized, pre-integrated platform, Elitecore CSM, with pre-integrated product stack for

This substantially speeds operators time to market for new services and drastically reduces integration cost. It also reduces time, as only downstream integration is required. It helps operators manage increasingly complex processes associated with next generation transformation.


  • Quick time to market with new services and offerings
  • Pre-integrated and modularized platform helps reduce costs of rollout
  • Integrated storefront and customer portal helps drive customer engagement