Policy Manager for Mobile (3G)

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The leap in to the 3rd Generation network has brought out a promising demand for data services among subscribers compelling CSPs to come out with varied data plans. The 3G market is becoming more and more competitive with increase in the smart phone usage and CSPs partnering with OTT providers, content providers, and 3rdparty applications to provide best of services to their subscribers and hence manage revenue streams. 3G promises variety of data services as in mobile internet, location based services, m-commerce, app stores and applications to enhance the end user experience thus enabling CSPs to manage, personalize and monetize from the services.

Elitecore NetVertex Policy Manager will serve as a critical ingredient in managing next generation mobile networks and provide monetizing solutions to subscribers. Using its dynamic, intuitive and real time capability to create monetization opportunities for Quota, QoS, device, location and applications based policies and much more, it helps CSPs to convert the dumb pipes into smart pipes.

Policy Manager for Mobile (3G) Architecture
Figure: Policy Manager for Mobile (3G) Architecture