Policy Manager for LTE/4G

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Long Term Evolution, commonly referred to as LTE, is the next generation of wireless networks from 3GPP. LTE is an all IP technology that enables high end applications and services like 3G; yet, it does so with much lower latency and far improved end-to-end QoS for the end user. Widely marketed as the 4th Generation (4G) mobile network technology, LTE is believed to promise extremely high bandwidth rates with downlink rate of at least 100 Mbps and uplink rate of at least 50 Mbps (for 20MHz spectrum).

Subsequently, operators aiming at launching 4G services based on a LTE platform will indeed need policy control as an integral part of their overall strategy, for a smoother and more lucrative roll out. It manages end to end control over QoS which helps in monetizing from the new capabilities.

Elitecore’s NetVertex, a service-aware intelligent policy manager has a proactive approach for the operators planning 4G deployments. It provides policy control with real-time charging capabilities on integration with charging. It thus enables service providers to manage QoS in real-time, making it possible to launch competitive a nd flexible service plans with ease, thereby improving revenue potential for their 4G wireless broadband services.

Policy Manager for LTE/4G Architecture
Figure: Policy Manager for LTE/4G Architecture