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Collaboration is key to successful Partner Management. Low partner profitability due to lack of harmony with partner business models and mismanagement can lead to strained relations and loss in valuable partners, affecting service levels, revenues and margins.

Elitecore Partner Management handles the entire partner lifecycle requirements, from onboarding to settlement, helps form quick partnership agreements and reduces time to market while offering tremendous value enhancement with partner selfcare on app and web, reporting to know partner performance, partner kitty and more.

Elitecore channel partner management enables operators to efficiently manage channel partners that include distributors, franchise, value-added resellers (VARs) and other such organizations. Channel Partners are compensated by Operator/Service Provider based on a successful selling of the Product or service on behalf of the CSP.

Elitecore Channel Partner Management Solution consists of Product Package Management, Commission Policies & Plan Management, Billing, Payments & Adjustments Module, Wholesale Rating & Charging Module, Business Reports and Analytics module

Digital Channels: Mobile App & Web Portals for Partners

Elitecore offers Mobile App and web portals for partners of the services providers. Through these digital channels, partners can manage and perform various activities:


  • Partner Lifecycle Management:Provides complete partner management tools from on-boarding to settlement, including partner and partner hierarchy management up to N- level, minimum commitment obligations and partner credit limit assignment and management.
  • Wholesale Rating & Charging: Enables multiple rating schemes based on monetary balance or event based, discounts, revenue-sharing models, zero rated, etc with partner account – guiding information to product package association.
  • Billing, Reconciliation and Settlement: Bills, provides accurate settlement reports by reconciling usage activity with partners, implements risk sharing policies, adherence to SLAs, related discounts and rebates and checks for errors and discrepancies.
  • Reporting: Provides intelligent margin analysis and reports on usage patterns and drop in service levels.
  • Partner Self care via APP and Web: Enables partners to check their own and customer status online with drill-down facility into usage details, order service request online.
  • Event Specific Notification: Configurable notification based on a specific event can be received by the CSP staff and partner staff via email and SMS.


  • Creating Greater Value: Elitecore Partner Management helps create differentiation by allowing service providers to bring multiple partner content under a single umbrella brand as well as exploit the brand strengths of content delivery partners to complement their own, results in value enhancement, greater customer usage, higher revenues and margins.
  • Prevents Revenue Leakage: With an automated mechanism that manages multiple partnerships from partner agreements to invoicing, accurate calculation of complex settlement agreements, monitoring for strict adherence to SLAs, accounting for debts and rebates, implementing thresholds for credit and payment, Crestel Partner Management prevents revenue leakage and contains risk.
  • Flexibility in Operations: Through multi-currency, multi-language support, Elitecore Partner Management allows providers to optimize their partnerships across geographical and political boundaries. It accommodates different tax regimes and regulations, enabling partnerships anywhere in the world.