Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

VNF (AAA, PCRF, DSC, Charging Gateway) offers a rich set of Open APIs to communicate to the orchestrator, using standardized interfaces
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Carriers are witnessing a trend that’s transformational rather than incremental in nature. Changing the way it’s deployed, managed and operated. NFV enabled solutions offer VNF applications capable of running on commercial of-the-shelf hardware. Also, it is in a setup modelled to share resources with the virtualization technology, chained together to perform in sync to deliver an end-to-end service. Adding a new instance to the network or substituting it requires automated process with software image to be replaced on the virtual hardware. This is easier and faster. NFV orchestration in carrier NFV can be defined as automating provisioning and management in an environment.

  • Loosely-coupled and modular architecture using open APIs, REST API and ETSI standard protocols
  • Supports end to end VNF Life Cycle Management through APIs
    • Creation of VNF instance with vCPU , vRAM and vNIC resources
    • Update VNF Configurations
    • Delete VNF
    • Backup & Restore (Cloning)
    • Manual Scaling and New Deployment
    • Auto Scaling based on KPI monitoring (Resource Utilizations)
  • COTS software with multi-protocol and multi-vendor support
  • Live deployments with multiple VIM platforms and Hypervisor agnostic
  • Support for both On-Premise (Distributed) & Hosted (Centralized) Model
  • Future proof services with virtualization and automation
  • Seamless integration with OSS/BSS environment
  • Use case agnostic infrastructure
  • Integrated, tested and validated solution