Multi-Play Service Management Platform (SMP)

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Cable TV industry has seen a spectacular evolution in the last few decades. An increasingly booming range of TV channels, array of new television sets, platforms, introduction of OTT Services and Broadband, Digitization is creating new opportunities for cable operators to become multi-play service providers and provide more enhanced customer experiences.

Driven by customer need to access services over multiple devices, anytime, anywhere, a multi-play SMP allows management, tracking and provisioning of complex multi-service bundles evolving into the next generation of operators (NGO’s) through implementation of advanced Operational Support Systems (OSS’s). Elitecore Multi-Play SMP is a pre-integrated solution that enables MSOs and their value chain model (Distributors, Retailers, Local Cable Operators - LCOs) to drive multi-service business ranging from Cable to Broadband to Wi-Fi on single stack.