Elitecore PCRF Optimization - Multi Access Networks (Use Cases)

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Elitecore PCRF enables operators to come up with plans for multi access networks wherein differential or converged plans can be offered to users as per their demand. This reduces the burden of operators to retain different policies and billing and charging for various networks for the same subscriber and reduce the complexity.

Elitecore PCRF offers Device specific plans by which operators can grab the opportunity and roll out device based plans as each device has different bandwidth requirements. Device management feature does IMEI/IMEISV based device identification. IMEI/IMEISV and other information available from it like TAC, Brand, Model, Hardware Type, Operating System and Year of Release is maintained in database and is cached at time of server up. On identification of any change of device by subscribers, notifications are provided for plan up gradation or to subscribe for new device plan.

Operator's Push

  • Provision of offering converged plan as well unique plans based on networks
  • Launch plans with differential combinations across access network
Subscriber's Pull

  • Solution of maintaining a single account across all access networks and freedom from keeping multiple accounts for individual networks
  • Differential plans under one bouquet depending on the type of networks

Incremental Optimization Opportunities

Multi access network can include 2G, 3G, Wire line broadband, Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, WiMAX, femtocell and so on and accordingly policies can be configured by Elitecore PCRF and operators can offer plans

Taking example of 3G and Wi-Fi networks

Parameters Access Network type – 3G Access Network type – Wi-Fi
Differential QoS 512 kbps 1 mbps
Centralized Quota 1 GB 3 GB
Differential policies (device, application, location etc.) Apps: Access to emails, social networking sites only Device: BlackBerry, iPhone Access to Heavy streaming videos and gaming sites Device: laptops, iPad
Customized plans as per user demand and operator capabilities Pick your plan from Bouquet of Plans Pick your plan from Bouquet of Plans

Netvertex Value Proposition

  • Enables operators to offer converged plans as well as separate plans across access networks
  • On integration with Elitecore’s solution stack like Billing, Charging etc. centralized billing and charging can be done for multi access networks
  • Elitecore enables applying differential policies from varied access networks