LTE - Wi-Fi Interworking

Monetize emerging LTE opportunities
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4G LTE is gaining popularity, and telecom operators worldwide are investing in upgrading their networks. This segment of the industry is still nascent - LTE penetration (network and devices) are low, and there is limited bandwidth and coverage.

For telecom operators, the challenge is in finding avenues to address this nascent opportunity.

Currently, monetising LTE is best used in conjunction with WiFi as a data service. Models include:

Elitecore’s LTE WiFi Internetworking solutions help telecom operators address the LTE opportunity.


  • 3GPP Compliant Carrier Grade AAA with programmable, single convergence, multiple subscriber database and on site customization
  • Web Based Authentication portal for subscriber self service
  • Elite Connect mobile app, for Android and iOS. It provides secure subscriber authentication to WiFi network, real-time plans usage and subscriptions and push notifications for WiFi availability.
  • Location based promotions and support for partnerships with various promoters/advertisers
  • The solution supports Wx, 3GPP compliant SWa, SWm, S2b and S6b interfaces for carrier grade network performance


  • The platform allows the operator to provide the same set of services which are already available in existing LTE network
  • Operator can use Wi-Fi as alternate technology to LTE where LTE radio coverage is weak
  • Operators can allow its subscribers to use free WiFi when they opt for bundled LTE plans
  • LTE-WIFI Monetization allows operator to grow their network into rural / distant area and save on OPEX cost
  • It assures that applications are not affected when the user device moves between different WiFi networks as the same IP address is preserved.