LTE revenue and customer management (RCM)

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In a fast changing technology landscape telecom companies, have seenare seeing diminishing profitability. The migration from 3G to 4G, or even 5G and onwards require telecom companies to make investments for rolling out next generation networks. With a view to better monetization, there is a need to incorporate a revenue generating mechanism that is dynamic, innovative, flexible and scalable.

Sterlite Tech’s LTE Revenue & Customer Management Platform helps MNOs and MNVOs attain faster time to market and monetize LTE and next generation services. This industry standard, TMF, 3GPP Rel.11 solution, includes:

  • Pre-intregrated stack of BSS (convergent billing and charging, product lifecycle management (PLM), customer management, provisioning, web self care/portals)
  • EPC (PCRF, DSC, & 3GPP AAA) for telecom operators who wish to quickly launch and monetize greenfield LTE roll outs
  • Disruption free services that help telecom operators migrate from 3G network to LTE, or from WIMAX to LTE
  • Reduced costs using centralized product catalogues
  • Online charging system (OCS) and integrated real time policy control
  • Over the top (OTT) billing and partner management components


  • Pre-Integrated and modular approach platform, allows telecom operators to quickly go to market and begin monetizing services
  • Charging & Balance management system supports convergence at network, service and subscriber type while enabling rapid launches of new models
  • Real time intelligence and customer insights, with embedded analytics enable new monetization and personalization opportunities for operators
  • Subscriber self-care reduces cost of customer charging and billing overheads, while promoting personalization and control
  • Enables accurate revenue sharing and distributes risk across OTT partners, channel partners/distributors/resellers
  • Horizontal & Vertical scalable solutions to meet the growing demands for new services such as HD Video, VoLTE and facilitates provisioning & management of large subscriber base
  • Enables providers to launch flexible plans enforcing fair usage policy in real-time, improving revenue potential and competitive edge
  • Easily extendible to integrations with third party applications such as content providers; proven integration experience with top EPC vendors
  • Compliant with leading industry standards such as 3GPP Release 11, TM Forum Standard based offerings, IPv6 support, IWF, DRA, DEA. Proven & Tested Support for Standard 3GPP Diameter & Radius interfaces


  • Quick Time to Market: With integrated product catalog, PCRF, OCS and billing, helps launch new plans within the day
  • Improve Customer Experience: Improved customer experience with a self-serve portal, storefronts, personalized services, and integrated analytics
  • Control Cost: With pre-integrated and modularized services, operators can roll out services with lower costs
  • Platform Scalability: High scalability that support 10 million subscribers.
  • OTT Monetization: Single platform that supports diverse partnership models such as OTT, content partners, banks, etc. Out of the box support for charging and partner invoicing
LTE revenue and customer management reference architecture
LTE revenue and customer management reference architecture