Elitecore PCRF optimization - Device Based Plans (Use Cases)

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With the communication becoming an integral part of day to day lives and with the easy availability and extensive usage of wide range of devices like iPod, iPad, blackberry, iPhone and other smart devices, it has become very important for operators to manage the data traffic initiating from these devices and optimize the network.

NetVertex PCRF offers Device specific plans by which operators can grab the opportunity and roll out device based plans as each device has different bandwidth requirements. Device management feature does IMEI/IMEISV based device identification. IMEI /IMEISV and other information available from it like TAC, Brand, Model, Hardware Type, Operating System and Year of Release is maintained in database and is cached at time of server up. On identification of any change of device by subscribers, notifications are provided for plan up gradation or to subscribe for new device plan.

Operator's Push

  • Device specific plans to reduce congestion and increase revenue
  • Accurate content adaptation on any device
  • Bandwidth optimization due to intelligent content compression which helps in reducing operator’s cost
Subscriber's Pull

  • Able to temporarily upgrade bandwidth on demand for a specific time duration
  • Availability of faster data access at affordable price
  • Rapid and easy service activation

Incremental Optimization Opportunities

Several network agnostic policies can be made and time based plans can be rolled out to serve the revenue generating opportunities for operators and optimize network. Few examples:

Few examples

Device Based Plans Differential plans for i-Phone based applications like face time, app store access
Different bandwidth for BBM services
Device Agnostic Plans Device Brand Based policies
Device OS wise policies
Device Model wise policies
Intelligent upgrade of plan
as per device suitability
Change of QoS as per device for the same user
e.g. Movie on IPTV – 1 mbps
Movie on i-PAD – 2mbps
Video optimization Differential policies based on device model, screen size, video content, video codecs, network support etc.

Netvertex Value Proposition

  • Device based Tier definitions
  • Differential plans and QoS based on devices
  • Notifications on change of any device and promotion for plan upgradation or new plan for new device change
  • Integrates with BI systems for device wise traffic analysis and take real time policy decisions based on analytics input
  • Offer service plans based on device capabilities and usage pattern
  • Intelligent video control and walled garden implementation