Broadband Billing Solution

Drive innovative offerings and customer experience with Broadband Billing Solution
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In the last decade, internet has become a ubiquitous part of an average consumer’s experience. Given that the consumption rates are only going to increase, it follows that investments in internet services will increase. Such investments will primarily focus on fixed line broadband to home users and enterprises alike.

Sterlite Tech's broadband solution a pre-integrated telco in a box solution, that will enable ISPs and their value chain model (distributors, retailers etc) to easily drive their business. Deployed as a single stack platform, it helps optimize operating costs and support for innovative offerings and customer experience.

  • Subscriber Authentication & Authorization
    AAA supports various methods such as Captive Portal, IPoE Authentication, Location Based Access, Concurrency Management
  • Ability to Launch Various Plans
    Policy based plans such as zone wise packages, subscription based charging, Multi-tier FUP & Quota based plans, turbo boost, Time Of Day, Shared Plans, Social Media Packages, Add-On Plans Bandwidth on Demand offers
  • Channel Partner Settlement
    • Manage different partners like OTT partners, distributors, retailers etc.
    • Partner Credit Limit management to set credit limit for partners to mitigate exposure to risk.
  • Provisioning
    Proven experience with leading Access Gateway providers.
  • Multi business model support
    Service provider will be able to quickly launch multiple business models (SP > JV > Distributor > Reseller > Subscriber) which can be offered to different verticals through a single, convergent platform.
  • Modular and Pre Integrated
    With our future proof platform, service providers can launch services in a phased manner and gradually move ahead with multiple service offerings like Pay TV, VoIP, Wi-Fi, OTT etc on the same platform.
  • Self Care & CRM
    • Customer web self care portal and mobile app.
    • Parter Web Self Care and Mobile App.
    • Complete Customer Care capabilities and contact center IVR.
  • Increased ARPU
    Broadband solution helps the operator to launch new convergent offers and attractive promotions within shortest time, thus enables operator to keep up with the competition and achieve higher ARPU.
  • Single Convergent platform
    Broadband solution is true network convergent platform supporting all networks like HFC, COAX, FTTH. The convergence is across all key data entities such as Customer, Account, Service, Product etc.
  • Rapid deployment and enhancement with reduced TCO
    Broadband solution has modular architecture, Operators can pick and choose modules needed, which can easily be expanded in future. Our solution has open, expandable APIs that make the platform easy to distribute and readily upgradeable solution. The platform is easily interoperable with client’s existing systems thereby leveraging existing investments in technology to lower TCO.
  • Future Proof Platform
    Broadband solution offers a future proof platform, service providers can initially launch broadband services and gradually move ahead with multiple service offerings like Pay TV, VoIP, Wi-Fi, OTT etc on the same platform.
  • Robust & Scalable Platform
    A powerful real-time carrier grade platform that can handle the billing of prepaid/postpaid and/or retail/enterprise subscribers and is access network neutral. Its horizontal architecture is built to scale to million users easily and support delivery across various multiple devices and applications.
  • Seamless Interoperability
    Complex integration support for core network elements and ease in interoperability with multi-vendor ecosystem through open standards implementation, enabling fast & reliable experience to support current & future services.
  • Adherence to Regulatory Guidelines
    Our IPLMS solution helps the service providers to maintain customer logs for a specific period of time which can be used by LI or government authorities for investigation purpose.