Billing Mediation

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Evolving businesses rely on modular structures and multiple elements to help them adapt to a rapidly changing environment in a quick and low-cost manner. Mediation is the intelligence that communicates with various modules, network elements and external systems, enabling providers to offer a range of services over a multitude of networks, while ensuring rapid time to market.

Elitecore’s Real-time Convergent Mediation is a carrier-grade platform that enables service providers to integrate prepaid and postpaid services over traditional and next-generation multi-service, IP and mobile networks carrying traditional and non-traditional data, voice and video services.

It provides comprehensive data collection, aggregation and enhancement for upstream business critical systems like billing, reporting and analytics. Capable of integrating with legacy systems, Elitecore’s Convergent Mediation helps service providers enhance multi-service revenue streams, unify operations, and optimize network architecture.


  • Convergent Platform: Fully convergent platform, collecting data from wireline and wireless networks and meeting prepaid-post paid requirements for a range of services while ensuring compatibility with present and future data networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Usage Record Collection & Network Event Validation: Aggregates usage records from multiple sources via FTP, SFTP, validates each and every event and delivers clean data, allowing downstream systems like billing, customer care, Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management to focus on core functions.
  • Duplicate Detection: Prevents duplicate customer event and data coming from network elements with support to File level and Event / CDR level duplicate detection.
  • Functional capabilities: such as data filtering, Cloning, Data Editing, Data Processing, Error Processing, Data Formatting and Enrichment of CDR in accordance with 3GPP specifications.
  • Aggregation and Correlation: of network events from a single data stream and from disparate network elements.
  • Support CDR File Formats: like ASCII, Binary, ITU, ANSI, ASN.1, CSV, AMA, Textfile,AMAG7.0, TTOP File, TTFile.
  • Metadata keeps File and CDR metadata information statistics, which useful for generate Dashboard and Near real time monitoring.
  • User friendly GUI: allows users for end-to-end configuration including all the services, collection, parsing, processing and distributing. It facilitates start and stop of mediation server through GUI. It supports rules creation, dynamic guiding table creation and Filtering parameter configuration.


  • Minimizes Cost and Time to Market: It communicates with all modules, networks and systems so that providers can easily enhance their systems with off-the-shelf modules, cutting down costs and ensuring quick rollouts and rapid reaction to market movements.
  • Carrier-grade Flexibility & Scalability: Elitecore’s Mediation System has greater flexibility to be placed centrally or distributed over multiple machines or nodes at multiple locations with high scalability to meet sudden upsurge in events over subscriber bases in the millions.
  • Prevents Revenue Leakage: Transmits accurate information between the various network elements and OSS / BSS components & thus prevents usage, rating, billing errors and revenue leakage.
  • Builds Business Intelligence: Elitecore Mediation unifies customer usage patterns from legacy network infrastructures, IP and mobile networks over a single platform, offering simplicity in collating data in a multi-service, multi-network environment required to understand customer needs and define fine layers of segmentation, enabling high levels of differentiation and targeting in the competitive market place.
  • Vendor Independent: Elitecore Mediation is capable of communicating with multi-vendor network elements easily.
  • Open Platform: Elitecore’s Adapter library contains many pre-built, tested and deployed adapters for integrating with service management components, enabling seamless integration with a wide array of network and business systems.