Bill Shock Prevention

Create a happy customer experience with bill shock prevention
Toll Free: 1800-300-03080

With advent of next generation services and data hungry mobile applications, data users consume their data at a rapid pace and become dissatisfied when they receive higher than expected bills. Frustrated customers not only put a burden on the customer care service but have negative PR resulting in substantial loss of revenue. To overcome this obstacle, operators require a bill shock prevention mechanism.

Bill Shock Prevention consisting of pre integrated stack of OCS, NetVertex PCRF, Product Catalogue and web/mobile self care helps the operators to increase customer loyalty and encourage them to use mobile data without any panic.

  • Real time notifications about usage and Roaming into another network
  • Enable customers to access real time dashboards to view their usage, buy add plans from Mselfcare
  • Apply FUP/throttle when Data limit reached
  • Empowering customers to take control of their Shared group usage & set limits
  • Provide appropriate data add-on plans by understanding customer usage pattern
  • Social media plans for heavy users of applications
  • Add-on data plans
  • Booster plans
  • Operators can avoid bill forgiveness for unhappy customer
  • Generate additional revenue via new up sell opportunities
  • Increased Revenue due to fewer customer care calls
  • Operators can feel the difference with improved customer loyalty and Reduction in churn with happy and satisfied customers
  • Subscribers are empowered to avoid shock & overages
  • Enhanced customer experience with real time notifications, personalised plans and control over spending limits of shared group members